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VAT-EXEMPT control urine
ISO 13485, ISO 15189, ISO 17043, ISO 9001

urine control set: level1 and level2, 10 parameters: Glucose, Protein, pH, Occult Blood, Ketone, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Specific Gravity, Leukocyte, vial without dropper used for strip imersion 2x15ml, the label of the vial provides space for marking every imersion, validity after opening: any of these conditions is applied the first time: 8 weeks or 20 dips (imersions) if the vial is stored at 2-8'C, 2 weeks or 10 dips if the vial is stored at room temperature respectively, has target-limits provided for following instruments: 77 Elektronika ® • Accutest ® URS 10 Urine Reagent Strips, Accustrip® URS • Analyticon® • CYPRESS DIAGNOSTICS • CYANStrip, Strip Mini, DFI CYBOW R-50(S), R-300, R-720 • ERBA LACHEMA DekaPHAN LAURA STRIPS & LAURA Urine Analyzer • Mannheim Uro-dip 10e STRIPS & Uro-dipcheck 400e, Uro-dip 10e, Uro-dipcheck 240e • Henry Schein Urispec 11-Way, 5-Way Plus, 4-Way, GP+A, OneStepPlus • Urispec ® Plus Analyzer 10SG/5OB/2GP • IRIS Diagnostics® • iChem® VELOCITY™ Analyzer 1 • MACHEREY-Nagel ® URYXXON Relax/300/500 Analyzer • McKesson® 10SG; 120 Urine Analyzer 1 • ROCHE VISUAL TESTING Chemstrip 101, Urisys 1100, cobas 6500 (u 601); Criterion; Urisys 1800 (u 411), Urisys 2400 • Siemens® VISUAL TESTING, CLINITEK 50, 500, ADVANTUS, STATUS or STATUS PLUS, ATLAS • Teco Diagnostics TC-101, TC-720 • PSS Select/Consult Diagnostics • UriscanTM Urine® • todylaboratories® S300 and 50S, code L49IC1002 (=L/2-11-**)

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